We, Liana Muller and Emily MacLellan are the ladies of The Craft Design Studio.


Liana has a great love for design and art, her schooling includes a Diploma in Interior Decorating and a Diploma in Fine Art both from Sheridan College and an Honours Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fine Art/Art History and English from the University of Toronto. After completing her multiple degrees Liana worked at Kravet, a large textile manufacturer, distributor and showroom, and an independent home accessories store in Toronto before taking on her own clients.

Emily is a crafty DIYer with a passion for design and sustainability, her schooling includes a Bachelors of Community Design and Planning from Dalhousie University and as well as an MBA in Global Sustainable Managment from Anaheim University. Emily worked in a Toronto retail and designer showroom under a well known designer, with this experience she lends both her eye for design and management experience to The Craft Design Studio Duo.

Both Emily and Liana have extensive experience working on a number of projects with thier own clients. Both designers are currently working on thier own home renovations. To see more about the on going renovations, check out the gallery and blog!

As well as having this blog to share thier current design and inspirational projects, both designers are skilled sewers and love creating new designs. Emily enjoys desgining products that use reclaimed or recycled materials in a new and unique way, where Liana brings her artists touch to The Craft Design Studio’s product collaberations. Take a look at more of thier products at the online store.


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